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Dana W. Duncan


Duncan Disability Law, S.C.

Dana Duncan – is a native Wisconsinite, who has experience and understanding of what clients are going through – his mother was a diabetic who went blind due to retinopathy in her 40’s. He watched her cry over having to quit the job she loved and fight Social Security to gain her benefits. He also looked on as his father fought an insurance company over a back injury, then fought the Veteran’s Administration to give him his VA rating, then fought Social Security to give him disability benefits when his military injuries and age forced him to quit working later in life. He has built his career to assist those who need his aid. For these reasons, Duncan Disability Law was established in 2011, after having worked with disability claimants since 1989.   He has represented hundreds of disabled clients throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota in Social Security law and Worker’s Compensation.  Attorney Duncan has become a well-known Social Security and Worker’s Compensation attorney. In 2011 NOSSCR convention in San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Duncan graduated Marquette University Law School – Law JD – Juris Doctor 1969.

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