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Turbocharge Your Federal Court Briefs to Victory

Total Credits: 1 CLE Credit

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Federal Court Practice
Lisa Palmer
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All Skill Levels
1 Hour
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Tags: Fall 2020


This session will provide you with tactics for writing and polishing your federal court briefs to maximize your chances of winning. Learn how to spot arguments that will win and how to spot arguments that are a waste of time. We will also discuss using forms and checklists to improve your writing, so your briefs are as persuasive as possible.




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Lisa McNair Palmer - has been helping disability claimants for over 25 years. She assists her clients at all levels of the process--from application through the federal courts. Lisa started writing federal court briefs about 10 years ago and has presented oral arguments in the 8th Circuit and in 10th Circuit courts. Lisa loves to write and is a multi-published author. She is based in Tulsa but travels all over the country for agency hearings before the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration. She is grateful to be able to do the work she loves while helping her clients feel more secure through her hard work, caring, experience, and respect.

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