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Representing Veterans: How to Find and Identify VA Medical Evidence to Enhance Your Client’s SSA’s Claim and How to Use Your Client’s SSD Evidence to Enhance Their VA Claim for Total Unemployability (100%) Veteran’s Benefits

Total Credits: 1 CLE Credit

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Veterans' Disability Benefits
Fritzie Vammen, Esq.
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56 Minutes
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Veterans who have service-connected compensation benefits or claims with the VA often have favorable medical evidence in their VA files that should be submitted to SSA. Although a VA finding of service-connected disability is not binding on SSA (and vice versa), the supporting evidence must be addressed by the ALJ. Find out how to best obtain the VA's evidence and review it for relevancy. Likewise, if your Veteran clients have been approved for SSD benefits, learn how to use evidence from their SSD electronic folder to help them obtain VA total disability individual unemployability (TDIU) benefits which is the equivalent to 100% VA compensation benefits. 

CLE Disclaimer

This course was approved for a Live Conference.  It is CLE eligible for On-Demand credit.  CLE Self-Study credit may be obtained by applying directly to your state bar association.  Please check with your bar for their rules and regulations.