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How to Use the DOT to Win Your Next Hearing

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Vocational Expert Testimony
Hudson Ellis, Esq.
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CLE Information May 2021 This course was approved for NOSSCR's Spring 2021 Virtual Conference. It is  eligible for On-Demand credit, please check with, if you have questions about your states eligibility or check with your Bar Association for their rules and regulations.

The DOT is old as dirt, but it is full of tools you can marshal to win your clients’ cases if you know how. Knowing how to read the DOT and its companion publications can give you a real and immediate edge in your hearing preparation and in cross examining VEs. This program will teach you how to identify the relevant jobs before the hearing so you can be prepared for the VE’s Step 4 testimony. You will also learn how to quickly and easily identify weak points in identified Step 5 jobs at the hearing, through the DOT definitions, data in the Selected Characteristics of Occupations, SVP, Work Force Requirements, industry groups, and more. Also, you will learn how to use the information in the Work Fields, MPSMS, and Occupational Groupings to attack a VE’s transferability analysis.



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Hudson Ellis is a partner at Eric Buchanan and Associates in TN. Hudson received his Bachelor of Arts degree, Summa Cum Laude, at Bryan College, in Dayton, Tennessee.  While at Bryan, Hudson was a scholarship baseball player, starting as both pitcher and third baseman.  He studied law at the University of Tennessee College of Law, where he earned my Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.

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