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Federal Court Attorney Fees

Total Credits: 1.5 CLE Credit

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Attorney's Fees |  Federal Court Practice
Heather Freeman |  Cody Marvin, Esq.
1 Hour 35 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Tags: Fall 2020


Avoid Traps for the unwary in seeking federal court attorney fees. This session will cover fees under the Social Security Act and the Equal Access to Justice Act, including: necessary documents, contract language, EAJA offsets, recent case law, district/circuit specific issues, EAJA seizures, interaction with administrative level fees, determining the available attorney fee, difference 



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Heather Freeman represents Social Security disability claimants/plaintiffs in federal court appeals in multiple jurisdictions and at the Social Security Administration's Appeals Council.  Ms. Freeman also provides consulting and writing services for attorneys and claimants’ representatives nationwide. 

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Law Offices of Barry A. Schultz

Cody Marvin - is a NOSSCR sustaining member. He graduated from the Evergreen State College and the University of San Francisco School of Law, and is the managing attorney at the Law Offices of Barry A. Schultz in Evanston, Illinois. He has been representing Social Security disability claimants in hearings since 2009, has argued several cases at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and has worked on over a thousand appeals in Federal District Courts within the Seventh Circuit. He serves on NOSSCR’s Amicus Participation Committee, and has contributed to the writing of amicus briefs on behalf of NOSSCR in two cases at the Supreme Court of the United States.

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