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Doctor Knows Best

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Evaluation of Medical Evidence Rules
Kevin Liebkemann |  Richard Weishaupt, Community Legal Services (PA)
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CLE Information May 2021

This course was approved for NOSSCR's Spring 2021 Virtual Conference. It is eligible for On-Demand credit, please check with if you have questions about your states eligibility or check with your Bar Association for their rules and regulations.

We will discuss questions and recent developments around treating medical source and opinion evidence like: How are courts interpreting SSA’s new regulation on weighing treating source opinion evidence? How has the pandemic affected the quality and quantity of medical records available in adult and child disability claims? More importantly, what can representatives do to adapt to these changes and increase their client’s chance of success?



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Kevin Liebkemann - is a Tulane Law graduate who has represented clients in Social Security Disability cases for over 25 years.  He currently works at Legal Services of New Jersey, a not-for-profit Legal Aid group that provides free legal help to many people who otherwise could not afford it.  Kevin’s work also involves writing articles on disability-related topics, training other attorneys and advocates, and policy work. When Kevin is not doing legal work or spending time with family, he enjoys writing songs and performing his music.

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Community Legal Services of Philadelphia

Richard Weishaupt - is a Senior Attorney at Community Legal Services of Philadelphia, one of the nation’s pre-eminent legal services programs, doing a combination of individual representation and an imposing array of sophisticated systemic advocacy, litigating over 50 class actions in his career and engaging in administrative and legislative advocacy including Social Security cases.  He is a graduate of Harvard Law School cum laude and Fordham University summa cum laude.  Richard successfully argued the landmark SSI case of Sullivan v. Zebley before the Supreme Court, described as the biggest judicial victory for poor people in the history of the Court and winning billions of dollars of benefits for disabled children. He is a nationally-recognized and published expert in Social Security and social welfare policy and law and is consulted by educators, advocates, government officials, and other policymakers.  

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