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Discussing the Steigerwald Class Action

Total Credits: 1 CLE Credit

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Federal Court Practice
Ira Kasdan, Esq. |  Jon Ressler, Esq.
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58 Minutes
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The Steigerwald Class Action caused SSA to recalculate back benefit payments to over 130K disabled beneficiaries and uncovered that SSA owed 70K of them over $100 million in back payments. This session will discuss the problem that the case corrected and how representatives can know their clients are being paid correctly), how the case came into being, and the highlights of the litigation on the merits and as to the applicability of 406b fees


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This course was approved for a Live Conference.  It is CLE eligible for On-Demand credit.  CLE Self-Study credit may be obtained by applying directly to your state bar association.  Please check with your bar for their rules and regulations.