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Common Fact Patterns Involving the SSI Resources Rules and Strategies for Dealing with Them

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Mark Bronstein |  Linda Landry
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59 Minutes
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Unchanged since 1989, the SSI resource limits ($2,000 for individuals, $3,000 for couples), vague and confusing POMS provisions on what resources are countable and when, and claimant lack of information and understanding of the rules all too often result in SSI benefit denials, terminations, and overpayments. In this session we will review the regulations and especially the POMS, which act as a framework for determinations in this area, and discuss proven strategies which may be helpful in dealing with these fact patters and others.  


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Law Office of Mark Bronstein

Mark Bronstein –has been practicing disability law since graduating from Northeastern University School of Law in 1980.  He currently has a solo practice in Newton, Massachusetts.  Prior to that for 20 years he was a managing partner at Kehoe, Doyle, Playter & Novick in Boston, MA.   In addition to SS-related claims, he handles ERISA and individual disability insurance claims and administrative appeals.  He also regularly provides consultation and planning to individuals with chronic illnesses who are “working but worried” and wish to better understand their employment rights, and benefit coverages so they can be prepared in in the event they have to stop working.

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Disability Law Center

Linda L. Landry is a staff attorney who has worked at the Disability Law Center since 1990.  Her focus is on Social Security benefit issues and work incentives, as well as  the related health benefits, MassHealth and Medicare.  She has over 30 years of experience in legal advocacy in these areas, which has included individual representation, training, impact and policy work, class action litigation, and backup, support, and technical assistance to a statewide project of attorneys and advocates who represent individual Social Security and SSI disability benefits claimants.  She writes and presents on a variety topics for local and national audiences. She is a graduate of Northeastern University School of Law and worked at Neighborhood Legal Services in the 1980s before coming to DLC.  She received the NOSSCR Distinguished Service Award in 2006, the Massachusetts Bar Association Equal Access to Justice Award in 2011, and a Massachusetts Top Women of the Law Award in 2013.

CLE Disclaimer

This course was approved for a Live Conference.  It is CLE eligible for On-Demand credit.  CLE Self-Study credit may be obtained by applying directly to your state bar association.  Please check with your bar for their rules and regulations.



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