Beyond the Grids and the Listings; Other Theories of Disability and Ti
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Beyond the Grids and the Listings; Other Theories of Disability and Tips on How to Prove Them

Total Credits: 1 including 1 CLE Credit

Residual Functional Capacity (RFC)
Faculty :
Kevin Liebkemann
Course Levels:
One credit hour
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This session will cover some combinations of functional limitations which should, with good advocacy and preparation, result in a finding of disability at step five of the sequential evaluation in adult cases when the medical-vocational rules don’t favorably apply.  We will discuss the legal and factual bases for these theories of disability, as well as tips and resources on developing evidence to support them.



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Legal Services of New Jersey

Kevin Liebkemann is a 1991 Tulane Law School graduate who has represented adult and child Social Security Disability claimants for over 20 years.  He is currently Chief Counsel for Disability Rights at Legal Services of New Jersey. He handles Social Security cases from the ALJ level through the U.S. District Court and supervises attorneys handling hearings and appeals. Kevin is also in charge of the Veterans Legal Assistance Project and the Disability Rights Initiative at Legal Services of New Jersey.

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This course was approved for a Live Conference.  It is eligible for On-Demand credit.  Self-Study credit may be obtained by applying directly to your state bar association. Please check with them for their rules and regulations.

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